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Unicode Tables

The Unicode Tables now have their own section due to its size. It includes updating codes from x00000 through x30fff. You must use the latest browser and operating system to see the codes. Here is the link.

Please select a letter range below to begin.

Unicode Tables Main Page Codes 0000 to 03ff Codes 0400 to 07ff Codes 0800 to 0aff Codes 0c00 to 0fff Codes 1000 to 13ff Codes 1400 to 17ff Codes 1800 to 1aff Codes 1c00 to 1fff Codes 2000 to 23ff Codes 2400 to 27ff Codes 2800 to 2aff Codes 2c00 to 2fff Codes 3000 to 33ff Codes 3400 to 37ff Codes 3800 to 3aff Codes 3c00 to 3fff Codes 4000 to 43ff Codes 4400 to 47ff Codes 4800 to 4aff Codes 4c00 to 4fff Codes 5000 to 53ff Codes 5400 to 57ff Codes 5800 to 5aff Codes 5c00 to 5fff Codes 6000 to 63ff Codes 6400 to 67ff Codes 6800 to 6aff Codes 6c00 to 6fff Codes 7000 to 73ff Codes 7400 to 77ff Codes 7800 to 7aff Codes 7c00 to 7fff Codes 8000 to ffff Codes 10000 to 17fff Codes 18000 to 1ffff Codes 20000 to 27fff Codes 28000 to 30fff
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