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You are at the section San Diego Apartment and Condo Maps

San Diego Apartment and Condo Maps

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Send Us Some Apartment/Condo Maps

We don't accept e-mail attatchments of maps in e-mails. If you are a condo or apartment complex owner and wish to be listed here, send an 8 x 10 envelope with your map of your apartment or condo complex, including the address and community or city in San Diego county, then send them to.

David Tanny
PO Box 19569
San Diego, CA 92159-0567

FAQ: Right and Left Facing Pages

Q: What are the pages listed under "Right-Facing Page" and "Left-Facing Page (reverse side)" about?

A: This is to let the downloaders know that the Left Facing pages listed immediately to the right of the pages under Right Facing pages are meant to be printed on the reverse side of the page. In other words, the two pages that are on the same row such as this...

Right-Facing PageLeft-Facing Page (reverse side)
7210-7370 Even Calle Cristobal 7305-7389 Odd Calle Cristobal

Con't: ...are meant to be printed on both sides of one piece of an 8 x 10 1/2 (or 8 1/2 by 11) inch paper. For those making map books, this will save a lot of expenses in paper.

Go ahead and try it out now. Click-right to save the two pages on your hard drive. Load them into your photo software program. Turn on your printer. Print the first page. Flip the printed page over. Be sure that that the top of the page on the reverse side will go into the printer first or else it won't print right with one page on one side upside down. Print the second page. Both map pages will be on the same piece of paper. Use a hole puncher to punch the holes on the empty margin and insert it into your notebook.

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