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TV Died-Wednesday Daytime

6:00 AM

Dr. Demento's Radio Show--Novelty Music
The audio portion of the popular radio show, but the video displays various computer screen savers such as After Dark.

6:30 AM

7:00 AM

Bobby's Weird--Cartoon
Sesame Street--Pre-Schoolers?
Big Bird goes onstage with his act and lays an egg.

7:30 AM

8:00 AM

Barney Eats Friends--Pre-Schoolers
Fred Huggins Show--Children
Fred sings "It's Nice to Be Nice."

8:30 AM

9:00 AM

Regis and Richard Simmons--Talk
The Price's Plight--Game
Jack La Lanne's Heavy Metal Gym--Exercise
Beat Up The Clock!--Game
Ricki Lee Gifford--Talk
Rosie O'Donahue--Talk

9:30 AM

Let's Get Sick!--Game
The $6,000,000 Pyramid--Game

10:00 AM

The Hate Boat--Comedy
The Dice Is Right--Game
The Cold Seat--Game
Phil Springer--Talk
Maury Bonaduce--Talk

10:30 AM

Kill The Rabbits--Game
Yecch Tionary--Game

11:00 AM

Family Rude--Game
Mini-Mart Sweep--Game
Oprah Downey--Talk
Jerry Rivera--Talk

11:30 AM

Pass Out--Game
The Slice is Right--Game
Tell Off Your Boss--Game

12:00 NOON

Have Some More News--News
Name That News--News
News After It Happens--News

12:30 PM

Port Barbara--Serial
Days of Our Children--Serial
Emergency Hospital--Serial
Guiding Dark--Serial
All My Hopes--Serial
Santa Capitol--Serial

13:00 PM

13:30 PM

1:00 PM

Another Ryan--Serial
The Young and The Beautiful--Serial
Nobody's Hope--Serial
Guiding Charles--Serial
Hopeless Ryan--Serial
All My Hospitals--Serial

1:30 PM

Days of Our Hospital--Serial
Love of Beach--Serial
Another Santa--Serial
Minutes of Our Hours--Serial
Poor Charles--Serial
General Ryan--Serial

2:00 PM

The Edge of Dawn--Serial
All My Doctors--Serial
Hope For Charles--Serial
Days of Ryan--Serial
Another Barbara--Serial
One Wife to Live--Serial
Sesame Street--Pre-Schoolers?
This episode is brought to you by the letters Omega and Delta and by the number Pi.
Videos, educational skits, surprises, and other stuff. Hosted by "Weird Al" Yankovic. (5 hours)

2:30 PM

Love of Doctors--Serial
Dark Port--Serial
All My Shadows--Serial
Search for Yesterday--Serial
Beautiful Barbara--Serial
Where Are My Children?--Serial
Our Rascals--Children
Crank Phone Calls--Jokes

3:00 PM

Pooped Eye--Cartoon
The Debutante Mermaid--Cartoon
Tiny Loon Adventures--Cartoon
Where in the World is Waldo?--Children
Pooperstation Funtime--Children

3:30 PM

Scooby Poo--Cartoon
The Stupid Ducks--Cartoon
Thugs Bunny--Cartoon

4:00 PM

Garfield KOs Snoopy--Cartoon
101 Dalmations Kill 101 Postal Workers--Cartoon
Tom and Jerry Lewis--Cartoon

4:30 PM

Sloppily-Drawn Cartoons--Cartoon
The Babble Borgs--Cartoon
Bebe Rebozo The Clown--Cartoon
F--k Tales--Cartoon
Biteman/Screwyman Adventures--Violent Cartoon

5:00 PM

Flint Phones--Cartoon
Mighty Mutant Ninja Turtles--Children?
Howdy Don't Doody--Children
The Afterschool Specials--Drama
It's "Tom Sawyer", a special about a barefoot juvenile delinquent who is an eyewitness to the murder of the town drunk by an Indian half-breed called Injun Joe (This is for kids?!?)
Porky And Th-Th-Th-Th-The Brain--Cartoon
Gilligan's Amusement Park--Comedy

5:30 PM

Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi Bear--Meditation Cartoon
Teenage Morphin Power Rangers--Children?
Eek A Mouse Club--Children
Bugs 'n Daffy Fight Mike Tyson--Cartoon
Andy Stiff Ith--Comedy
My Three Nuns--Comedy
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