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TV Died Channel Listings

Send Me TV Listings

Send Me TV Listings to add more funny TV listings to this mostly-empty channel guide.


  1. No "R" or "X"-rated stuff you can't say or see on TV, except for the pay channels.
  2. Descriptions of TV shows cannot contain vulgaritues or obscenities.
  3. Try to use actors and actresses in roles that could be associated with them, or you wish they were.
  4. Top movie actors and actresses are likely to appear in movies or talk shows as opposed to TV series.
  5. Use deceased personalities in descriptions of movies they might have appearred in in the past. Don't mess with the time continuim, except for Sci-Fi stuff.
  6. No hatemonger or harmful listings will ever be used here either.
  7. Editor retains the right to edit or refuse to post a submission for whatever reason they see fit.
  8. Spoofing political figures is fair game.
Happy TV Surfing!
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