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You are at the section Intro to CSS

Fun With Fonts: Font Families

examples using Font CSS tags

Using the font element: (you can also use h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, and p elements too)
<font style="INSERT CSS HERE">
We're going to change the font families used. Let's use Times New Roman
<font style="font-family:Times New Roman">
This is in Times New Roman

And now, here's Georgia
<font style="font-family:Georgia">
This is in Georgia

And now, here's Verdana
<font style="font-family:Verdana">
This is in Verdana

And now, here's Arial
<font style="font-family:Arial">
This is in Arial

And now, here's Courier New
<font style="font-family:Courier New">
This is in Courier New

And now, here's Lucida Console
<font style="font-family:Lucida Console">
This is in Lucida Console

And now, here's Helvetica
<font style="font-family:Helvetica">
This is in Helvetica

And now, here's Arial Black
<font style="font-family:Arial Black">
This is in Arial Black

And now, here's Comic Sans MS
<font style="font-family:Comic Sans MS">
This is in Comic Sans MS

And now, here's Impact
<font style="font-family:Impact">
This is in Impact

And now, here's Tahoma
<font style="font-family:Tahoma">
This is in Tahoma

And now, here's Trebuchet MS
<font style="font-family:Trebuchet MS">
This is in Trebuchet MS

And now, here's Gadget
<font style="font-family:Gadget">
This is in Gadget

And now, here's one you might not have: Distant Galaxy
<font style="font-family:Distant Galaxy">
This is in Distant Galaxy

You may want to stick with the web-safe font families so that they can display on computers that have the most common fonts. Use the obscure fonts at your own risk, but to be safe, list in order the font families of preference separated by commas.
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