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Truncating Answers

To Use Integer Portions of the Answers

For computer programmers using PowerBasic, use the INT() function like this:

answer1 = INT(answer)

26 = INT(26.4)

-2 = INT(-1.1) (NOTE: The Integer function rounds down to the previous integer, since -1.1 is greater than -2, the answer is -2, not -1, since -1 is greater than -1.1.)

To Use Decimal Portions of the Answers

For computer programmers using PowerBasic, use the FRAC() function for floating-point numbers (not integers). The numbers can be single, double, or extended precision variables. It can also be used for negative numbers. Caution: It doesn't quite give you the correct answer if you use SINGLE precision. You must use DOUBLE precision numbers to get the correct decimal answer (variable# instead of variable!)

answer1 = FRAC(answer)

FRAC(2.6) = .6

FRAC(-2.6) = -.6

For those who don't have a FRAC() function, here's how to get the decimal portion of the answer. You lose the sign so you end up with a decimal part of the answer.

answer1 = ABS(answer) - INT(ABS(answer))

ABS(2.6) - INT(ABS(2.6)) = .6 (2.6 - 2)

ABS(-2.6) - INT(ABS(-2.6)) = .6 (2.6 - 2)

To get the positive offset of the decimal portion of the previous integer, use this formula:

answer1 = answer - INT(answer)

2.6 - INT(2.6) = .6 (2.6 - 2)

-2.6 - INT(-2.6) = .4 (-2.6 + 3)

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